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Computers have become the life-blood of business…and yet they can be the source of severe anxiety and stress. Red Box Computer Solutions works to eliminate this frustration.

At Red Box, we offer fast and convenient on-site service. We'll quickly diagnose the issues and provide cost-effective solutions. You'll never have to lug your computer to a repair station again. We come to your desk and troubleshoot everything from hardware failures to software bugs and viruses.

With our Preventative Maintenance Solutions, you can be assured that your work day won't be interrupted by a system failure…and we can offer recommendations to help streamline your work.

Red Box Computer Solutions offers:

  • Networking Solutions - from wired to wireless secure networks
  • Diagnostic Solutions - troubleshooting to keep your business running smoothly
  • Storage Solutions - organize your data and make it accessible to those who need it
  • Backup Solutions - don't wait for a catastrophic crash
  • Equipment Solutions - computers, laptops, hardware, software, components including installations and upgrades
  • Growth Solutions - preparing your business to meet new technological challenges
  • Printing Solutions - to make a great impression
  • Design Solutions - create a dynamic presence online
  • Education Solutions - individual and group tutoring and instruction sessions



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