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Did you know that your Outlook mailbox will not function properly if its size gets bigger than one Gigabyte? That means you need to do some housekeeping at some point. This Tech Tip and the next one take a look at regular maintenance in Microsoft Outlook, some simple little things that can be done every couple of months to make Outlook run more reliably and perform faster.

The key is to keeping the size of your folders manageable and this is how to:

Periodically empty the Deleted Items folder:

Archive or delete messages from the Sent Items folder

To do this simply choose Archive from the File menu in Outlook, you'll see the following window.


Select Archive this folder and all subfolders:

Select the folder to archive, typically the Inbox folder.

A general rule for archiving is to select at date about six months in the past.

The standard location is the same folder that your outlook mailbox is stored in.

Click the OK button and that's it.

  • Remove attachments from sent messages, assuming that the attached files are stored somewhere else on your computer

In the next tip we'll cover how to reclaim all the space that those messages were taking up, though they are gone, there are now gaps in the mailbox structure.



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