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Welcome to the second half of the Outlook Upkeep Tech Tip; the last Tech Tip covered how to remove unwanted / unneeded items from our Outlook Inboxes so they wouldn't grow over one Gigabyte in size and start to create problems. Now we'll cover how to compact the mailbox, so we can reclaim the "holes" left by the items we've deleted.

To compact the Outlook mail folder, the following steps are all you need to reclaim the space that deleted items use to take up.
From the file menu in Outlook, choose Data File Management, that brings up the Outlook Data Files window, shown below.

Select your mail folder, most people will only have one and click the Settings… button.

Now you've got the Personal Folders window on the screen

All that needs doing now is to click the Compact Now button, when it's done, click OK on that window and then Close on the Outlook Data Files window to finish.



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