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In this Tech Tip we're going to cover some customization in the OUTLOOK E-mail program.

To change the font and font colour setting first open OUTLOOK, and choose OPTIONS from the TOOLS menu, now you've got the OPTIONS window open.

Now choose the MAIL FORMAT tab

and click on the FONTS button in the STATIONARY AND FONTS section.

now you can see the three message fonts in the MESSAGE FONTS section that are used, and you can select them one at a time and make the selections you like.

the FONT window will allow you to choose any font / style / size / colour that you like and will save it as the default, click the OK buttons as needed to return to the main Outlook window.

If you'd like to create more elaborate looking emails with stationary and signatures so your email always looks the same and is never without your contact information in it, tune in for the next tech tip.



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