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In this Tech Tip we're going to cover some more customization in the OUTLOOK E-mail program; we'll create a customized signature so that every email we send has the same information at the bottom.

First select OPTIONS from the TOOLS menu to display to OPTIONS window.

Now select the MAIL FORMAT tab.

This is where we left off our customization last time. This time we select the SIGNATURES… button to get the CREATE SIGNATURE window and create a custom signature.

We can now see any custom signatures that we already have, and we'll click on the NEW… button so we can start creating our own.

The first thing we need to do is give our new signature a name, in our example that's Brand New Signature and then we'll click NEXT>.

Now we can enter the text that we would like to have at the bottom of our emails, like our name, email address, phone number, maybe even a link to Adobe reader if we send a lot of Adobe files. Use the FONT and PARAGRAPH… buttons to change the look of the information you type and customise it like you would in a document. Experiment a little to you've got what you want and then click FINISH.

Now your back at the CREATE SIGNATURE window, you can make another signature; or Click OK button to get back to the OPTIONS window, now select the signature you want to be in your messages. You can select a different one for new messages then the one for replies or forwards, select the ones you like and click OK to return to OUTLOOK itself.



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