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Have you ever wanted to move the MY DOCUMENTS folder that windows creates for you to store all the files you create? You might be thinking to yourself "Why would I want to do that?" The two most popular reasons are:

1. Convenience put your data where it makes sense to you.
2. Many viruses know where the default location is and use that information.

Click the START button to display the menu.

Then right click on MY DOCUMENTS to display the context menu so you can choose PROPERTIES from it.

Now that you've displayed the MY DOCUMENTS PROPERTIES window, you can edit the location in the TARGET box that indicates the locations of you're MY DOCUMENTS folder. Select a location that makes sense to you, maybe even on another disk.

After you change the location and click APPLY you'll be asked to confirm your changes and if you'd like to move your files

say YES to this, and your files are moved and the location that shows up as MY DOCUMENTS when you press save or open in any application is now changed.



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