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Ever wish you could have your old bookmarks on your new computer? Maybe even wanted them backed-up so you wouldn't need to find them all again if you're hard drive crashed? That's what this Tech Tip is all about. Making a backup of your Internet Explorer Favourites.

1. Start Internet Explorer, and select Import and Export from the File menu.
2. The Import/Export wizard will start.
3. Click Next.
4. Now you've got the screen that is below; you need to select Export Favourites from the list of options.

5. Click Next again to get the list of your favourites, and Next once more.
6. Now you can select a place to export your favourites to.
7. You can use the Browse… button to select a location. Inside the My Documents folder is always a good place.

8. Click Next, and then Finish. To complete the task and close the wizard, click OK and you're done.
9. Now you can copy the file you created to a USB key for safe keeping, or burn it to a CD with other files.
10. To import your bookmarks follow the same steps, except in step four select Import Favourites from the list.



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