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We are responsible for our environment. Technology is not exempt. I thought I would offer some ideas on what to do with your old computer equipment.

Here are a couple of options:

1. Reuse. It's not over until it's over. If a computer is not meeting your needs, it could very well work for another. As long as it is usable, there are charities that could use them for training or internet access. Consider new immigrant associations or check your local social services website for ideas.

2. Recycle. There is a computer graveyard in London at the Manning Drive Disposal Site. The following link to the City of London's Electronics Recycling should be helpful.

3. Call Red Box. We can take care of your unwanted computer equipment. We can even make sure that sensitive data can't be recovered. EVER!

If you are interested in computer recycling on a larger scale, this website has some great links and information as well:

One solution we offer is to remove your old equipment for free with the purchase of new equipment. Consider Red Box when you think you may need updated machinery.



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